Four large, industrial steel doors have been set up in Davis Park, and you may be wondering what they’re for.

They are part of the Rockford Area Arts Council’s “Art for Impact” initiative, which asked local artists to design pieces using the theme “You Belong Here.”

Four artists contributed to the installation, which organizers say they hope will bolster a sense of community pride in Rockford.

The artists say they think it’s working.

Asia Peters said, “It means everybody is welcome here. I think that art is a great way to break people down, just because it shows there’s like color and life happening here.”

Laura Gomel added, “Whenever you have public artwork somewhere, people just generally become happier around it, show how, they just do. You know, it just brightens your day.”

And Brett Whitacre said, “It shows there’s love and care being put into different neighborhoods. Where you usually see an old paint-peeled wall, there’s fresh art.”

The artists will be at work on their pieces through the Labor Day weekend.
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