I Want to Believe is a catchphrase associated with paranormal objects or phenomena, especially the ones alleged to have extraterrestrial origins such as pictures of UFO or Aliens. But what is a belief? noun: An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists. Something you believe is true. What do you believe?

Exhibiting Artists include:

Brett Whitacre, Chinacat 663, Damion Davis, Laura Gomel, Nikki Hollander, Ingrid Hyde, Stefi Jade, Eamonn James Talkington, Jeremy Klonicki, Nick Cashmere, Drew Eurek, Sya Ryn, Travis Morgan, Angie Loptien, Dave Menard, Jessie Prouty, Joe Tallman, Rhiannon Yandell, Joei Krutza, and Kate Mayo.

317 Art Collaborative – 317 Market Street