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Brian Hierstein

Eamonn James Talkinton

My main area of expression revolves around painting emotive, so called, post-expressionist and abstract paintings. Though I do feel the term, “abstract,” it’s a bit reductive. I enjoy creating installations and interactive exhibits that provide the viewer or participant with a sense of catharsis or an urge to question the status quo. I, too, create […]

360 Grace Woodworks

Aaron Carlin is a woodworker who loves to be involved in woodworking projects big and small, such as large live edge dining room tables, outdoor furniture such as Adirondack chairs and smaller, more personal art. He also love exploring laser engraving and laser cutting to make fascinating new art.

Olivia Gaumond

I am a mixed media artist concentrating in colorful acrylic painting on collage depicting pets, wildlife and mythical creatures. I am also a PADI certified professional mermaid, I love sharing my passion by bringing people all ages magic and whimsy. Besides aquatic performance, I read oracle shells, sing songs and play mergames. I specialize in […]

Collettia Berryhill

Cleta’s Stay and Sew I seek to preserve the art of sewing and quiltmaking as a cultural art form among African Americans.

DeeAnna Villarreal

Bespoke based painting/design/sculpture for every individual home/space/environment DeVL Designs