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Hannah Sleger

Hannah Sleger

Drawing: graphite, colored pencil, pastels, charcoal, and chalk concentrating in portraiture and surrealism but has covered many subjects; Painting/Scenic Painting: Acrylic, water color, and water based Scenic paint from small scale to large scale (wall murals, Theatrical backdrops), tackling a wide range of subjects and paint treatments; Theatre: performer, director, work in properties and costuming, […]

Brandy Smith

Brandy’s approach to art is deeply introspective, often using her work as a means of self-expression and a window into their emotions and experiences. Her willingness to push artistic boundaries and experiment with different techniques and materials showcases a fearless and innovative spirit in their work. Brandy’s art invites viewers to engage with it on […]

Quintin H

I enjoy creating and making crafts. I love Hip Hop, lyrical and Musical Theater. Qtastrophe