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Rilei R

Rilei R

Rilei is an LGBTQ+ artist from Illinois that specializes in digital illustrations. Their main inspiration comes from western cartoons from the early 2000s.

Bryce Erickson

I have been working on graphic design since I was 15. I started making Youtube videos when I was younger creating thumbnails. I then started an apparel company called Vigilant […]

Olivia Stieg

I took AP Art in highschool. I was always interested in art and wanted to pursue it as a career. I experimented with a wide variety of mediums including oil […]

Lissette Tellado

My areas of expertise is in traditional drawing although I do dabble in graphic design and photography. Mediums I’ve worked with have been acrylic paint, charcoal, dry pastel, clay, water […]

Quintin H

I enjoy creating and making crafts. I love Hip Hop, lyrical and Musical Theater. Qtastrophe

Liz Wolf

BFA PainingMFA Book & Paper ArtsLetterpress greeting card company Wolf & Wren Wolf & Wren Press