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Scott Wenstrom

Scott Wenstrom

My prints are very Rockford-centric in celebration of my hometown. My piece shown at Fall Art Scene 2023 is the first of an extensive series of fine art prints celebrating […]

Arin Whitmore

My areas of expertise include drawing in minute detail, scientific illustration, dreamscapes, intaglio and woodblock printing, as well as photography.Drawing is a never ending process of capturing the magic of […]

Nathan Russ

Nathan Russ is a Rockford native and nature enthusiast. He started taking photos as a kid with a toy film camera. At age 15 or so, his dad handed him […]

Paul Pinzarrone

Digital photography, variety of visual 2D software, airbrush. High resolution images printed on metallic paper & bonded to the back side of clear plex [2023]. Models posed to be photographed […]

Future Memory Media

Neil Bloom, the visionary founder of Future Memory Media, is a seasoned storyteller who has dedicated his life to the art of video production. His journey into creative storytelling began […]

Bryce Erickson

I have been working on graphic design since I was 15. I started making Youtube videos when I was younger creating thumbnails. I then started an apparel company called Vigilant […]

Michael Laskonis

I am a graphic designer. I design everything from print to websites.

Megan Devine

Stained Glass, Photography, Darkroom Printing, Graphic Design, Sculpture

John Messley

International Landscapes nature photography. Traveled extensively over the years and do presentations on various countries for the Rock Valley College Center for Learning in Retirement. Currently on 12/15/2023 presenting “Petra […]

Connie Carlson

I am a freelance graphic designer. Being an alumni of the Phantom Regiment I have designed several shirts for the organization. I have also created logos, custom paint designs for […]