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Eamonn James Talkinton

Eamonn James Talkinton

My main area of expression revolves around painting emotive, so called, post-expressionist and abstract paintings. Though I do feel the term, “abstract,” it’s a bit reductive. I enjoy creating installations and interactive exhibits that provide the viewer or participant with a sense of catharsis or an urge to question the status quo. I, too, create […]

SPX Multimedia Company

Justin Oefelein I am a graphic designer and artist with 21 years of experience. I enjoy design visually compelling books and marketing designs. I illustrate and draw my own graphics.

Angeles Meyers

Im not an expert. I feel like a haven’t quite figured out myexpertise, but dabble in many skills instead of mastering one. However, I love making abstract paintings and sneaking eyes into them. that you can then flip and get a different feeling or mood while using bright colors . I create/build live plant terrariums

David Margolis

D. Margolis Photography – Photographer, with concentration on Architecture and Landscapes. I enjoy capturing wildlife. I am often surprised by the number of unique Animals we have here in our own backyardLiterally, Turkeys , Coyote, Fox. Deer, Raccoon and plenty of playful squirrels. Additionally, have been pleasantly surprised to find white Pelicans in nearby Rockton. […]

Never Submit Entertainment

Locally owned Motion Picture studio with six feature films completed. Four of them have been released thus far, all around the world, available on Vudu, Prime Video, Tubi, FreeVee, etc. Multiple time award winning filmmakers with award winning films.

Samantha Schroeder

Visual artist: specializes in acrylic canvas paintings, animated characters, portraits, and still life drawings.Photographer: concentration on family or individual photographsPoet: vocalizes viewpoints on mental health and self awareness in poetryTheatre: as a member of the thespian society I have stage managed many plays and musicals for the Byron Civic Theatre.

Jhaz Elayne

Concentration in the urban landscape of the Midwest. Jhaztography

Annie Hose-Ryan

While my Master’s degree is in Politics and Government, I have meticulously educated myself on how to best advocate for marginalized voices, and that includes using what I’ve currently got: my story. That and I can SING. Podcast forthcoming, as well as my first book.