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John Messley

John Messley

International Landscapes nature photography. Traveled extensively over the years and do presentations on various countries for the Rock Valley College Center for Learning in Retirement. Currently on 12/15/2023 presenting “Petra […]

Connie Carlson

I am a freelance graphic designer. Being an alumni of the Phantom Regiment I have designed several shirts for the organization. I have also created logos, custom paint designs for […]

James Sexton

I’ve worked for MTV Animation, Natural History Museums, and Nice Restaurants. I enjoy sketching, photography, and cartoons. And Cooking.

Billy Faulkner

I like to dabble in alot of art forms. In the process of creating my own studio space. It’s an ongoing process for sure.

Shawn White

I draw a lot of skulls. Like, a lot. So many. Like maybe an unhealthy amount of skulls. My primary work is digital, with a healthy serving of ink and […]