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Brian Hierstein

Kate May Fitch

Kate Fitch I have worked in a variety of mediums from bronze statues in Illinois, murals in Iowa, painted banners in Kansas, and various other works in Nebraska and Wisconsin. I have a realistic to impressionist style, often with acrylic paints on canvas, not hiding the brush strokes or build-up of color. This leaves the […]

SPX Multimedia Company

Justin Oefelein I am a graphic designer and artist with 21 years of experience. I enjoy design visually compelling books and marketing designs. I illustrate and draw my own graphics.

Scott Wenstrom

My prints are very Rockford-centric in celebration of my hometown. My piece shown at Fall Art Scene 2023 is the first of an extensive series of fine art prints celebrating all thing Rockford. Photography and Serigraphy.

Arin Whitmore

My areas of expertise include drawing in minute detail, scientific illustration, dreamscapes, intaglio and woodblock printing, as well as photography.Drawing is a never ending process of capturing the magic of life. I’ll always be interested in the process of translating thoughts into lines, documenting my life through time and space.

Brandy Smith

Brandy’s approach to art is deeply introspective, often using her work as a means of self-expression and a window into their emotions and experiences. Her willingness to push artistic boundaries and experiment with different techniques and materials showcases a fearless and innovative spirit in their work. Brandy’s art invites viewers to engage with it on […]

Nicole Landreth

Nicole has worked in multiple visual mediums and performance art since her youth. She has a passion for the role of arts in community and in education. Visually, Nicole’s work is playful, colorful, and meditative. Her passion lives in the process of creative making, especially collaboratively. Woodburning and macrame are my primary mediums

Future Memory Media

Neil Bloom, the visionary founder of Future Memory Media, is a seasoned storyteller who has dedicated his life to the art of video production. His journey into creative storytelling began in the world of theater at a young age, where he developed a profound appreciation for the performing arts. However, it was when he first […]

Olivia Stieg

I took AP Art in highschool. I was always interested in art and wanted to pursue it as a career. I experimented with a wide variety of mediums including oil and soft pastels, acrylic painting, charcoal, conte, and graphite as my traditional media. I went to school for graphic design and received my degree in […]