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Scott Wenstrom

Scott Wenstrom

My prints are very Rockford-centric in celebration of my hometown. My piece shown at Fall Art Scene 2023 is the first of an extensive series of fine art prints celebrating […]

Arin Whitmore

My areas of expertise include drawing in minute detail, scientific illustration, dreamscapes, intaglio and woodblock printing, as well as photography.Drawing is a never ending process of capturing the magic of […]

Brandy Smith

Brandy’s approach to art is deeply introspective, often using her work as a means of self-expression and a window into their emotions and experiences. Her willingness to push artistic boundaries […]

Nicole Landreth

Nicole has worked in multiple visual mediums and performance art since her youth. She has a passion for the role of arts in community and in education. Visually, Nicole’s work […]

Future Memory Media

Neil Bloom, the visionary founder of Future Memory Media, is a seasoned storyteller who has dedicated his life to the art of video production. His journey into creative storytelling began […]

Olivia Stieg

I took AP Art in highschool. I was always interested in art and wanted to pursue it as a career. I experimented with a wide variety of mediums including oil […]

Liz Wolf

BFA PainingMFA Book & Paper ArtsLetterpress greeting card company Wolf & Wren Wolf & Wren Press

Payton Mohr

A graphic designer by day and a studio artist by night. Printmaking: Linoleum block printing on paper, Drawing: figure/illustration work using ink on paper and graphite on paper, Graphic Design: […]

Kayo Martinez

Graphic designer, painter and muralist for 13+ years. Started learning to 3d sculpt for past year creating designer toys and props.Majority of artwork I do are logo designs and graphic […]