Nina Hackman

Nina Hackman

I am a wife, mother, teacher who has have been involved in art since childhood.  For many years my family, home, education, and teaching career were my main focus. I squeezed in time for my art, photography, and other creations whenever it was possible. Unfortunately, there was never enough time in the week to really explore! Now retired from teaching, I now have the luxury of time to devote to exploring my creativity through different mediums. In the past year, I have been working mostly in photography, digital art, and acrylics. But I love watercolor, oils, and sculpture, too. I also enjoy writing and have written and self-published several books with children in mind: stories, poetry, and puzzle books.

I love living in my prairie state-the ever-changing light, the distinct seasons, the subtle beauty that I see every day.  I work with what I love and what resonates with me and I hope my images evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation in the viewer. Everything I have done prior has led me to this rather precipitous point!. I am poised at the beginning of a serious pursuit of art and trying to dive in fearlessly. I have just begun doing a few arts and craft shows so look for me (Prairie Light Studio of Rockford.)  I am working on a website for P.L.S and hope to have it ready soon.  I have also been promoting my work via Etsy, Facebook, and Lulu.

(815) 962-0332
4309 Lehighton Downs Drive
Rockford, IL
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