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Roni Golan
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I was born in 1960 in Israel.  Graduated from Ramat-Asharon Art College in 1991 and in 1996 moved to Rockford, IL with my family.  Since then I have been painting, using a variety of mediums and styles, and showing my art throughout the U.S. but also in 3 privately owned galleries in Rockford, IL.  Roni is currently the owner of the State of the Art Contemporary Gallery.

“My creative energy and curiosity drive mainly from discovering the extraordinary in the everyday life.  Observing different patterns created either by nature, man or machine reveals to me the unique and unexpected life hidden underneath the surface.

Our basic need to organize life in groups and repeating patterns in order to make sense of the world can also be a danger of limiting our ability to see a wider more complex angle.  My work tries to uncover some other possibilities that are usually hidden.”

Selected galleries:
“Gioia Fine Art” San-Francisco, CA
“Van-Hart” Gallery, Yorba Linda, CA
“Vgallery” Lake Geneva, WI
“Calhoun St. Art Gallery” Bluffton, NC
“Vale Craft Gallery” Chicago, IL

“Steve Wynn Casino Resort” Las-Vegas, NV

(815) 979-1944
Rockford, IL
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