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Membership Benefits: ACCESS!

The Arts Council’s membership model has always been fairly simple—give to the Arts Council and you’re a member! The Arts Council’s membership is similar to other do-good organizations in the sense that most of the membership benefits are abstract/intangible, eg the World Wildlife Fund. When you give to the WWF, you do not get a panda delivered to your door—however, you know your contribution is helping sustain the life and habitat of pandas all over the globe. When you subscribe to the Arts Council’s member-donor model of financial contribution, benefits include:

    • Support of the City of Rockford Poet Laureate and Youth Poet
    • Support of ART FOR IMPACT, the Arts Council’s public art installation initiative
    • Support of artist employment—the Arts Council hires over 60 artists every year
    • Support of local + state legislative advocacy for the arts—in our schools and our community-at-large
    • Support of ArtScene—the biannual gallery walk that draws over 10,000 people to our city center
    • Support of grant funding to over 35 individuals and organizations for local arts-related programs and services
    • Support of Summer Programs with the region’s oldest, most respected artist apprenticeship and mentorship programs
    • Support of the annual recognition of artists, and those agencies who support the arts, in the Rockford Area Arts Awards
    • Support of its small but mighty staff to provide increased access to art to our community’s most underserved populations