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Octane RKFD

The Details


A Spotlight on 2 Filipino Artists. Filipino Artists in Rockford are a rarity. Lost amidst a sea of Doctors, Nurses and Retirement Home personnel.
This small exhibit gives Rockford a glimpse of those artists that defy the norm and follow their passion and love for their medium.

Enriko Menzies:
Riko was born in the Philippines and moved to America when he was ten and grew up in Rockford. He’s since moved out to Dekalb County, though he works here. He’s been shooting for a little over ten years and I’m still very much a student of the craft. He is a husband, and father to three children, who shares him with two jobs and does most of his shooting very early in the morning on his way to work. Enriko is a fairly introverted person and photography helps him connect to the world around him, and it helped him reconnect with the city he grew up in.

Lilian Alberto:
Lilian Alberto is a 10 year old Illustrator, They have been drawing since they could get their hands on a piece of paper and a pencil. they have honed their craft in the middle of being stuck at home during COVID. It was the best time to have dug deep and kept on making art in the middle of a very difficult 2 years. but in that unfortunate situation was born the tenacity to keep pushing themselves and try different techiniques incl;uding animation. They said that they always love to learn new ways to draw and paint in any form.


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124 North Main Street, Rockford, IL, USA