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Patrick Mattison

Anthony Lewellen

ANTHONY LEWELLEN is a Chicago based multidisciplinary art maker. In his formative years he was an innovative figure within Chicago’s graffiti culture and is still active to this day. Early on he made a name for himself in the Midwest and beyond hallmarked by street work that featured a simple bold palette and emotionally complex […]

China Cat 663

Chinacat is an artist who works predominantly with linoleum blocks, acrylics, color pencils and watercolors.  She studied Illustration for two years at the Fashion Institution of Technology in NYC and later moved to Rockford, Illinois.  In 2010, Chinacat attended Rockford University and discovered her passions for printmaking.  Her works showcase a combination of “Cute” characters […]

Chris Silva

I am concerned with how people relate to themselves, to each other, and to their environment. I’m deeply saddened by cruelty, xenophobia, and greed, and am motivated to give artistic presence to those concerns, and/or present an inspirational and generous alternative. I seek to make work which is engaging to children, speaks to the inner […]

Brett Whitacre

Brett Whitacre

Brett Whitacre is a self-taught American artist living and working in Northern Illinois. His art is inspired by a mix of vintage and modern advertising as well as American history. Upon moving to Chicago in 2000 he began collecting otherwise discarded materials from alleyways such as old window panes, television sets, luggage, and salvaged wood. He […]

Susan Burton

Susan Burton

Susan Burton uses concrete, metals and mosaics with many different sculptural techniques. Utilizing both natural and manmade materials Burton creates inspiring projects. Her extensive home studio is home to many sculptures throughout her ten acre mini-farm in Ottawa, IL. She loves to challenge herself with new materials and undertakings.