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Artist Profile

Brandy Smith

Brandy’s approach to art is deeply introspective, often using her work as a means of self-expression and a window into their emotions and experiences. Her willingness to push artistic boundaries and experiment with different techniques and materials showcases a fearless and innovative spirit in their work. Brandy’s art invites viewers to engage with it on a personal level, sparking introspection and emotion.
Blues Dance: an accomplished blues dancer, adept at expressing emotions and stories through movement.
Intaglio Printmaking: capturing intricate details and textures in their prints to create depth and complexity.
Mixed Media: combining different materials and techniques to create multi-dimensional artworks that tell captivating stories.
Collage: transforming disparate elements into cohesive and thought-provoking visual narratives.
Ink Art: using bold and expressive lines to offer unique perspectives on subjects and emotions.
Portrait Drawings: skillfully capturing the essence and personality of their subjects


I embrace the magic of art as my emotional sanctuary, a canvas where I unload the weight of life's trials and successes. To me, art is beautifully messy, mirroring life's beautiful chaos, where each stroke, color, and imperfection weaves a tale of resilience and beauty.