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Charles Johannsen

As a retired guy, Mr. Johannsen understands the older American demographic. He makes fundraising videos targeting older people who donate to local social causes that impact children – often conservation and environmental education. His videos reach the grandparent generation looking to pass on its values.nnCharles Johannsen has made films and videos (mostly low budget personal art projects, simple pieces for clients, and environmental videos) for over 50 years. He went from 8mm film, super8, 16mm film, then video in 3/4 inch Ampex reel to reel, 1/2 Sony Porta-pak, VHS, SVHS, 3/4” U-matic, Hi8, miniDV and digital 1080p. He edited on film rewinds and Steenbeck flatbeds, offline Panasonic SVHS decks and, for the last 20 years, Adobe Premiere Pro. Along the way, he learned how to communicate content.nnA few of his art projects have won small awards. Two or three self-produced conservation videos have been screened at festivals and meetings. He shot dozens of weddings, musical and dance performances, as well as kids’ theater and memoir/biography videos of elderly people.nnIn recent years, Mr. Johannsen has specialized in promotional/informational videos for non-profit organizations, including Severson Dells, Girl Scouts of Rock River Valley, Rockford Park District,  Wild Ones, Jo Daviess Conservation Foundation, Sinnissippi Audubon, Angelic Organics Learning Center, Roots and Wings at Blackhawk Courts, Klehm Arboretum, Macktown Living History, Tinker Swiss Cottage, and others.nnOther skills that play into his videos:nnEnvironmentalist – Growing up in the family greenhouse business, he became a lifelong amateur botanist and biologist. He spent eight years making a documentary about Professor Aldo Leopold and the beginnings of prairie preservation and restoration.nnTeacher – Mr. Johannsen taught in the Belvidere and Rockford school districts for ten years. He made videos with art classes at West and Lincoln Middle Schools, as well as simple projects with elementary school classes.nnFluent in Spanish – He currently works part-time for the Rockford Public Schools in the Bilingual Department and holds an up to date Illinois teaching certification. He videoed a quinceañera and is scheduled to do another.