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Black Shapes
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Jay Gilmore

Sculpture: concentration in ceramics and pottery. Stained Glass: concentration in start to finish design, rebuilds, installation. Metal: concentration in blacksmithing. 3D Sculpture: concentration in functional art: such as clocks and tableware.nnI’ve always been an artist. It was not until recently that I realized not everyone is raised in a home where everyone has multiple creative outlets and passions. My home has always been one full of music, artistic expressions, cooking, gardening, and more. I fell in love with sculpture and ceramics in school. This continued as I developed my craft in stained glass as both an artisan and doing restorative work. I did this for over 20 years. My focus has changed back to ceramics and sculpture. This also includes metalwork and blacksmithing.nnMost of my work I have only created for family and loved ones. I’m excited and nervous to begin sharing my work with the world. I find it very personal, but exciting at the same time.