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Black Shapes
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Jill Rae Martin-Golden

Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s intuitive to me. I see wonder all around me and I want to capture my view on paper or canvas. For many years I did art in my “spare time” but three years ago I left my career to fulfill my lifelong dream of concentrating solely on art daily. I couldn’t be happier. I wake each day and can’t wait to get into my studio.nnMy garden series arose from my love of gardening. Each year I plant my garden to excess. To me, gardening is so similar to painting. I choose colors and textures to blend together in new and exciting ways. I never quite know exactly how my garden will turn out. Painting my flowers is just a natural extension of combining two things I adore.nnTraveling is another inspiration. I love exploring the environment I’m in with its new shapes and color combinations. I see the beauty in the ordinary and revel in sharing that vision with others. My art becomes a picture diary of the days of my life.nnI love watercolors. While looking for ways to make my painting more vibrant, I came across alcohol inks. I was instantly attracted to their vivid colors. I have been using alcohol inks for about two years now. They are very similar to watercolors but use rubbing alcohol as their medium.nnThank you for your interest in my work. I find art is an ever-growing part of my daily life and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share it with you.nnPlease visit my website at JillRaeFinallyArt.comnnBlog at