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Artist Profile

Micky Torpedo

Micky Torpedo is a multi instrumental Composer/Producer/Performer who has produced, collaborated and toured with many artists throughout the country. Along with helping other artists and students find their musical voice, he’s constantly refining his craft as a composer and songwriter. He creates everything from instrumental, ambient compositions, to rowdy rock and roll.

Micky founded Underground Squirrel Studio in 2007 where he teaches, produces and records music. He’s co-founder and former president of Rock and Roll Institute, a 501c3 music camp for kids. Formerly an adjunct professor of music and audio engineering at RVC, Micky holds an A.A and B.A in music, and is a graduate from the NIU School of Music.
With almost 20 years teaching experience, Micky offers instruction on piano, voice, guitar, bass guitar, drum set, percussion (timpani, marimba, bells, etc), ukulele, banjo, accordion, composition, audio engineering, ear training and music theory. He is also available for public speaking and/or group presentations.

As an audio engineer, Micky works with original musical artists to capture their art through the recording process.

As a music producer, Micky helps to creatively guide an artist throughout every stage of creation process. Everything from the structural creation of their song, instrumentation, studio performance coaching, recording and mixing, to the visual art creation and final release of digital and physical media..
Live performances, music instruction, music production and recording, nonprofit experience.


What I love most about being an artist and teaching the arts is the constant exchange of inspiration. Both to be inspired and to inspire others simultaneously. I believe inspiration is the fertile soil that allows us to grow and truly become our best selves.