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Artist Profile

Nathan Taylor

With over twenty years of professional experience as a fine artist, painter, illustrator, and art director, my passion is for creating art that is visually compelling and communicative.

My areas of expertise include acrylic painting on canvas, drawing with pencil and ink, mixed media and collage, illustration for publications and apparel, photography, photo direction, art direction and graphic design. Holistically, I believe in utilizing all of my experiences and skills to bring something unique to my artwork. Creating artwork that is dynamic and engaging. There are a few key elements that I focus on when starting a new piece. Color, bold strokes and vibrant hues, finding unique color combinations that makes work standout. Flow and texture are also crucial components of my work. I want paintings to have movement and depth. Art with a message that I hope to convey to the world, giving my work meaning and purpose.


Enjoy life, create art and beauty, be love.