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Artist Profile

Rebecca Beneditz

Cut Flowers & Flower Arranging, Dried and Pressed Flowers, Crepe Paper Flowers

Painting: Watercolor concentrated on nature and flowers, often combining watercolor and pen
Collage: Handmade paper combined with pressed flowers and text from vintage books; watercolor collages
Flowers: Flower arranging with flowers from my garden; dried flower arrangements combined with crepe paper flowers
I do a variety of types of art, but my work centers around nature and flowers. During the summer months, I arrange flowers fresh from my garden and preserve the bounty by pressing and drying them for use in future work. I try to focus on sustainability and being eco-friendly with my art. I am always trying to find ways to use more natural materials in a responsible way and in ways that create less waste. I love partnering wither other artists and businesses that share similar goals and values. Watercolor and pen is my other preferred media, though I have recently started to expand beyond framed art and prints and into magnets, bookmarks, collages, gift tags and other items.


I make things that make me smile.