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Artist Profile

Tempest Bianca Jones

Art by Tempest

I have participated in a variety of events in the community by coordinating, vending/showing artwork, and live painting. Some examples include spring/fall Art Scene, Love your Mental, and multiple events in collaboration with RKFD/CO.
I love art in all forms- visual, music, dance, poetry and beyond. I create paintings, epoxy resin creations and jewelry. I am hoping to create music of my own one day as I love to sing as well. I also have a dance background in ballet. The youth inspire me so much and I love working with children by providing painting/art classes at local organizations like Womanspace. Being apart of the Rockford art community has enriched my life so much through connection and collaboration. I am continually inspired and motivated by the artists/art in Rockford!


Be yourself and stay grateful.