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Artist Profile

Timothy Griffith

Born 1958 in St. Louis, MO USA and began painting in 1968 (that’s 55+ years in 2023!). I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the 1980’s and graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design 2020 (BFA, cum laude). I have had artwork exhibited on the East and West Coasts, Washington D.C., Chicago, and many other locations throughout the North America.

Primarily a figurative painter, I incorporate many of the compositional elements and styles from the Renaissance to the Contemporary into my work (I reflect the long continuum of art history)- and the result is nothing you’ve ever seen before. My work has been called bold, bright, and severe. I use subject matter and clever use of color to elicit the senses of drama and emotion. My art is very different from the stock and trade that dominates the galleries of today.

For the past decade I have shown my art fequently and steadily, and have been juried into over 75 exhibits, earning 1 ‘first place’, 1 ‘winner’, and 7 ‘honorable mentions.’

I received my BFA during the emergence of the Covid Pandemic, and since, have just created art on a steady basis. After graduation I relocated out of Milwaukee to north-central Illinois for its geographic proximity to art communities from Chicago, Crystal Lake, Woodstock, through Rockford to Freeport. I enjoy sharing my artistic knowledge and experience and would consider teaching others.


"My paintings reflect the long continuum of art history"