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Bennie’s Cleaners

The Details

Immaculate Misconception

ARTISTS: Rudy Galindo, Drew Eurek, Marsha Goodheart, Norm Knott, Manny Tang, Mic Steede, Tom Linden, Karl Jahnke, Scott Mount, Sue Mount, Rachel Bonacquisti, Rico Alvarado, Susan Berry, Jeff Ward, Myles Ward, Greg Lamont, Barry Dock, Jaymes Fedor, Kurt Schabell, Daniel Burks, Pam Palmer, Mario Duarte, Nicole Wendt, Kathryn Robert, Javi Azuna, Melinda Cook, Lucian Krow, Sheila Hecox, Karen Arthurs, Hellen Linden, Ingrid Hyde, Julianna Choe, Natile Laue, Michaela Foreman

A cross medium, diverse, eclectic offering of artists and images. From 2d to 3d, poetry to performance, Bennies continues to expand its breathe of work and provide a little bit of something for everyone, To be as inclusive, not in our rhetoric but in our actions.



126 North 1st Street, Rockford, IL, USA