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Rockford Women’s Suffrage Plaza
Women's Suffrage Plaza

The Story

2020 marked 100 years since women’s suffrage was achieved with the 19th Amendment and 55 years since the height of the Civil Rights movement which saw the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965—ensuring all women the right to vote.

RWSP is the first public monument dedicated to women in the Rockford community and features Kate F. O’Connor, Rockford native and nationally recognized suffragist, and Dr. Constance Goode, a life-long educator in northern Illinois and prominent activist for Civil Rights; Goode’s memory is also honored through a named scholarship at the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (CFNIL) that supports African American students who intend to pursue a career in education.

Additionally, the sculpture features a group of young females who represent an inclusive, diverse, and powerful future.

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Rockford Women’s Suffrage Plaza, Rockford, IL, USA
Connie View
Group Shot
Sculpture in Progress
Photo Doc Connie Goode
Women's Suffrage Plaza
night shot