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SOMNIUM the Book of Water Myths and Legends

The Story


The artists of SOMNIUM: The Book of Water Myths and Legends will be hosting an outdoor art show onsite at the SOMNIUM mural for ArtScene that explores the theme of Water Mythology and Legends. Come for the art, stay for the production. Prairie Street Brewhouse, flow arts demonstrations and other activities happening onsite.

SOMNIUM is a multimedia public art show created and directed by Eddaviel Montero and Emily Klonicki that combines the collaborative masterwork of artists from around the world. Integrating original music, storytelling, new media, light projection, and modern dance, SOMNIUM is an immersive multi-sensory experience that will transform reality. Recipient of the 2022 Rockford Area Arts Awards Innovation in the Arts award, the debut production, SOMNIUM: The Book of Dreams and Nightmares introduced a cutting edge new media experience to the region that has been talked about ever since.

Now from the same creators comes a new production for 2023: The Book of Water Myths and Legends.

Exploring the dark, mysterious and surreal world of water and the cultural stories derived from its depths our new production showcases the work of visual artist, director, and creator Eddaviel Montero; writer, director, and creator, Emily Klonicki; writer Odilius Vlak, animators Jason Judd and Iga Puchalska; choreographers Meghan Baylor, Caitlyn Baylor, Gretchen Stark, and Zach Stephens; videographers Alize Jiréh and Camilo Marte; composer Raymond Jáquez; and sculptural artist Melinda Cook.

Artists: Eddaviel Montero, Emily Klonicki, Jenny Mathews, Zach Stephens, Alizé Jireh, Valentina Fedoseyva, Melinda Cook, Gretchen Stark, Ruby Behmer, Luca Mathews, Jupiter Klonicki, Julianna Chou, Michaela Foreman

And friends

Show is @ 8 PM



702 North Madison Street, Rockford, IL, USA