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Test Site

The Details

Eclectic Energy

Artist throughout diverse backgrounds, coming together to show unity within the arts, the cultural blend creates dynamic narratives in homage to subject matter with connections to the environmental spaces around unique spaces through imagination occurs.

Raevenne Zackary, Jas Mora, Leslie Baker, Shannon Mackey Heather Haynes, Jesse Leachy, Mario Duarta, Andy Ramirez, Messenah Nou La, Christian Burgos, Josh Bourmphongsa, Tyler Zackery, Wavey, Doc Heref, Kordrey, Jordan King, Erick Patterson, Heather Haynes, Yash Masabji, Tyrone Garret, Kasul’DaWiz, Scee, Marrisa Perez, Rachel Beck, David Murphy,Wavii Jonson, Erick Patterson, Xen Kingsley, Timothy Griffith, Jungle Geniuses, Javis Tacos, La calle food trucks, Dc Estate Winery

Parking will be held in the at Test Site and Rue Marche.



213 North 3rd Street, Rockford, IL, USA