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The McPherson

The Details

High Magick

ARTISTS: Angeles Meyers, Armoire Of Venus, Art By Colleen, Ashanti Assata Art, Bryan Douglas, David Margolis Photography, Down to Earth Pottery, Dustin Damiani, Dylan Rose, Hardrick Gulley, Jason Gough, Jess Allessandra, Joe Bruce, Kate Mayo, Kelly McKee, Lincoln Ash, Lyric Ellis, Monica’s Creationz, Oddities of Jade Rose, Opal Soul, Sandy Reavis, Teresa Arenas, Violet Alana Munoz, and Wild Wire Press. 

High Magick invites you through the doors of perception, on a stroll through the eccentric corridors of the artistic mind. The multimodal pieces featured in this show dabble in themes of spiritual awakening, the maddening quest to understand the esoteric, and our interconnectedness in both life and death.

Open at 12pm Saturday for Record Store Day. Live Music by: Disco Demolition, Gavin Akerman, Jeremy Akerman, Adrian Brunett and Verónica Soria Martínez. Saturday 9pm Performance by Fuzzy Kitty Tarot Reading by: Lyric Ellis



1210 Buchanan St, Rockford, IL 61101