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Utility Box Wraps

The Story

In partnership with the City of Rockford, Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Rockford Art Museum, Amazon, Collins Aerospace, the National Endowment for the Arts, Rockford Silk Screen Process, and local artists, the Arts Council announces the installment of ART FOR IMPACT—Utility Box Wraps. Local artists designed the Utility Box Wraps for boxes located in every City Ward and some County districts. ART FOR IMPACT—Utility Box Wraps is in partnership with the City of Rockford’s Neighborhood Improvement Initiative which prioritizes the needs of Rockford’s most challenged neighborhoods.

Artists include Anthony Lewellen, Asia Peters, Brett Whitacre, Bryan Douglas, Celeste Torres, China Cat 663, Chris Silva, Cristian Pacheco, Derrick Buisch, Dustin Eckhardt, Enrique Juarez Garcia, Garrett Rapp, Jaymes Fedor, Jenny Mathews, John Naretta, Liz Wolf, Molly Z, Patrick Mattison, OhYa Studio, Stuk One, Thomas Agran, Vic Monsta, and Yulia Avgustinovich.